You Love Jack: Mike Bauer

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You Love Jack Mike Bauer

Mike wants us to know that he’s 100% straight and he’ll do a video but he’s not gay so he doesn’t want to do anything gay. He’ll stick his fingers in his ass but that’s it. Well, okay then!

You Love Jack Mike Bauer

For some reason he decided to wear his soccer kit to the shoot and by the time he pulls down his shorts his 7 inch cock is already rock hard and sticking out the side of his jock strap. He slowly strokes his cock as he grinds his fingers deep inside his asshole then splatters a load all over his t-shirt. Nothing gay about that!

You Love Jack Mike Bauer

He looks up at the camera with a look of guilty pleasure as he feels his finger slip inside his body and grabs his cock and holds it up for a second as he adjusts to the overwhelming sensation of ass love. He wiggles his finger in and out of his hole and gives his cock a couple of quick jerks then decides he needs a better angle from the camera so he pulls it in for a close-up.

You Love Jack Mike Bauer

He pulls his fingers out and spreads his cheeks wide for the camera as a dribble of lube leaks out of his puckered asshole. He looks down at himself and enjoys the unique perspective on his sexuality before driving his fingers back into his ass one more time.

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