You Love Jack: Brian Harper

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Brian Harper

His hand naturally trails down to his asshole and the second his index finger brushes the sensitive skin of his puckered hole a huge grin hits his face. Oh ya, this is gonna be fun! He positions the camera so it’s got a great view then spreads his cheeks to expose his most private part to the camera. His asshole puckers open just a little bit and he keeps a careful eye on himself as he spits on a finger and brings it to his gaping self.

Brian Harper

He slides his finger out of his ass and puts it right in his mouth. Tasting his own ass on his fresh removed fingers as he coats them in spit to use as lube. Then back in his ass with a moan and a howl. Pulling out to spread his cheeks and show off his gaping asshole. Bright red from all the attention!

Brian Harper

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