SDBoy – David Cordz and Jessie Juliano

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David Cordz and Jessie Juliano wanted to show off their “bag of dicks” and decided would be a good place to unload. And yes, “bag of dicks” is a military term; another reasons I love servicemen. These two are well acquainted with one another and it’s not long before the foreplay is done and the fucking begun. Watch as these two go at it and shoot their works.

After working up David’s hole, Jessie goes balls deep and pounds; it’s always good to have a buddy who has your back. Jessie then has David on his back going in and out. From below, Jessie’s balls tighten and swell as he thrusts. David strokes but does not cum yet, he’s busy watching the excitement in Jessie’s eyes.

Switching to another position, enjoy as Jessie lies down only to roll over and lets David cowboy; he sure the fuck can! From behind, the slapping of skin is an auditory delight as well as a tactual inspiration. When the camera pans around to the front, we catch David spraying his load; David’s chest and stomach are the lucky targets.

Jessie than goes in David from behind again, and again; the pounding is enough to raise the dead, or at least raise something. Jessie is close and goes for a few more pumps, gasping as he slides his dick in and out David. Riding back on his partner, David is again erect and wagging in delight. Lying down, Jessie masturbates until a couple of nice thick streams fly out of his head. For these two military men, it’s “mission accomplished.”

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