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New recruit to San Diego, Brayden Taylor, 22, is here today to show us what he’s been working on, his body. Although he’s in the military right now, he plans on going back to school one he gets out. For, Brayden says he’s a bit of a beach bum, gym rat, gay boy, who lost his virginity at 19. His favorite past time, is flip-flopping.

Brayden removes his clothes and shows us a great muscular body, naturally dark-skinned. As he steps into the shower and soaps up, his prowess for exhibition comes out, and up. His cut cock and tight butt definitely play wonderfully to his “versatile” abilities. After cleaning up, he moves to the bed, wrapped in a towel and still bulging.

Lying down, Brayden removes the towel and shows that he is still hard; he says he doesn’t have that much of a sex drive, but I beg to differ. As he begins to play, he says he’s into a “Cody Cummings” type of guy; “if he has a scruff and rubs it against my neck, oh boy” he remarks. Brayden chooses a dildo to stretch himself; “feels good, really good” he begins to groan. Zooming in, his anal toy may be small, but it is certainly working for him and me. His hand massages up and down his shaft; “let’s get something bigger” he suggests, and goes for a nice sized dildo. He has a very tight hole and it does take a bit to work it in.

“Ah, there we go,” he whines as he pumps it in and out his ass. Brayden is really working on that “versatility” thing as he thrusts his hips and fucks himself; “you were hungry for that” I remark. Jerking his boner and licking his lips, Brayden pulls out the toy and goes faster on his cock. His hands now rub up and down his chest. He gives one more, “oh yeah” and thrusts his pelvis up and blows his thick creamy cum all over his groin. “Good release,” says Brayden who is, or will be, up for more.

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