Alan & Bruno

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Using some of his native tongue, Alan chats with his friend Bruno, asking if he would like to come over and give him a hand. This international video has Alan and Bruno doing what boys do best, each other.

Bruno seems familiar with this sleepy head and goes right to work. Bruno rubs Alan’s dick through his underwear; finding a hard dick, he wastes no time in tasting Alan’s raw meat. As Bruno rides up and down with his tongue, Alan verbally comments on the top’s oral talents. Alan also does a bit of face fucking, much to the pleasure of his partner.

By the time Alan gets on Bruno’s cock, he’s hard as well. Alan tries to work the monster down his throat; Bruno caresses his partner and slaps his ass. The size of Bruno has Alan humping the bed while Bruno works a finger into the bottom’s hole. Bruno then goes in for a taste of Alan’s pink treasure; the bottom’s moans tell Bruno he is definitely in the right spot. Exploring Alan’s cavity soon has both of these boys ready to fuck.

Bruno’s sizeable cock slides in and out of Alan as they both enjoy the ride. Kissing and fondling as they fuck, the two watch one another intensely. Changing up to a few different positions, the pair try a missionary position; Alan jerks himself while watching Bruno fuck him. Leaning in to his partner, the top manages to get in every inch.

Filmed sideways then in the correct angle, the two are now up against a wall on the bed, going hot and heavy. Alan and Bruno then sit on the bed, with Alan riding atop. Their moans are in unison and both are getting close. Bruno gives a hand to Alan’s dick as they continue to thrust against one another. Grinding his hips, Alan has Bruno on the edge, as well as himself. Alan takes over stroking his dick until he blows up onto his chest and stomach. Bruno withdrawals to finish; within moments, Bruno squirts all over Alan’s face and open mouth.

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