Trystan Bull: Johan Lapointe, Trystan Bull (Sausage Fest)

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Trystan Bull – Sausage Fest


Trystan Bull is hosting a party in the kitchen, and prepping up links for his favorite dish. Johan LaPointe is assisting Trystan in the kitchen with the prep work, but he’s more interested in Trystan’s sausage than the ones in the pan. This is precisely Trystan’s plan, as his salad dressing calls for a certain special “man”gredient. Johan shows that he knows his way around a kitchen, as he first tosses Trystan’s salad, then douses the salad with just the right amount of dressing. Trystan is so impressed he cums himself in disbelief, and the two of them feast in exasperated contentment. This is sure to be one recipe you’ll want to try in your home soon!


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