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Real Brothers

From time to time, I get suggestions from members on shoots they would like to see and this is the result of one of those emails. The way it turned out, I don’t think it could have been a better one. Joey and Doc are very close and were comfortable doing the shoot. I believe it shows and makes the whole thing that much better. What you see is very much something that could happen if there were no cameras around. The jerk off with both of them lying on the bed is one of the hottest yet on the site. Before that though, the guys do a lot of showing off. Seems like they almost wanted to outdo each other on who could do put on a better show. To get an idea, you get to see a game they play called “ball slap” as well as some dick tricks. Also, if you enjoyed Joey soaping his ass in his last movie, you won’t want to miss the two of them in the shower. When we were finished, Joey and Doc said it was a good shoot. They could tell we got some good stuff on camera. I agree.

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