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Active Duty served up another delicious addition to their ever-growing War Chest Archives. They have a real hottie for us from Kaden as he forges ahead recruiting fresh new guys for his Kaden’s Recruit series. I was floored when I saw Kevin and fell instantly in love with this sexy little ripped and hung blond. Kevin is not only sexy as all fuck but he’s got a sassy attitude that drove me crazy. Kaden hit my nail right on the head with this one. I’m not sure where Kaden’s new honey hole is at, but I hope he keeps using it if it brings in hotties like Kevin. Kevin is from California, he’s a surfer, enjoys snowboarding and stands 5’8″ tall and weighs between 160 and 165 lbs. As soon as the interview is over and Kaden is out of the room this little package of dynamite wastes no time at all stripping off all his clothes and getting naked. Within a minute of Kaden leaving him to his own devices he’s got his cock in his hand stroking it. It’s obvious from the start that Kevin loves to show off and with a set of abs like his who can blame him? I swear he’s got a 12 pack! He pays plenty of attention to us as he works his cock. By the time Kaden returns he’s rock hard and in the “zone.” That sexy face is enough to drive you crazy and when you add it together with that amazing body and you’ve got the whole package. Kaden works him over good (or he works Kaden over good) and this stud puts on a fantastic show. Head on over to the War Chest and check out his huge fucking cum shot that’ll have you wanting to lick those abs even more.


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