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Active Duty’s War Chest introduced Bric, a new stud muffin. Dink Flamingo says he hit the bullseye with this one. In fact, he was so excited about Bric that he gave us a double dose in the War Chest Update. I’m sure once you watch the first video of this stud you’re gonna agree that you could never get too much of him and that’s a good thing, because Dink says they are gonna be sharing a lot more of him with us much sooner than later.

As luck would have it Dink met Bric just a few days before he was getting out of the Navy and wasted no time at all. When opportunity knocks, you answer the door with a big smile. Dink quickly took advantage of the lucky streak and sort of fast-tracked Bric. Dink got Bric in for two solos right away. He’s just that damn hot. Those dreamy eyes are enough to make you forget your name and that big, uncut cock is damn near perfect. Couple that with a body that won’t quit and you’ve got the total package. Dink says he never won the lottery, but he struck gold with this guy. Aside from being sexy as fuck, Bric is a really cool guy, very approachable and after he warms up he melts the screen.

In the first session we get to know a little about this stud as he tells us he’s 22-years old, stands about 5′ 8″ and weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 160 lbs. He likes cars, motorcycles, snowboarding, working out, going to the beach, drinking and all your typical guy stuff. Bric says all his friends would expect him to do something like porn. He’s always the adventurous one and we hope to see more of that side of Bric as time goes on.

After Dink leaves him alone for a bit it doesn’t take very long at all for him to unbutton his jeans and haul out that uncut treasure he’s been hiding. Those abs are defined and that cock so big that it might take you a bit to notice just how handsome his face is, too. As he warms up, he gets more into showing off the goods and you can tell that he’s totally comfortable though maybe just a tad nervous.

The first-timers’ nervousness has no bearing on his horniness and this stud’s cock stays at full attention the entire time. He enjoys playing with his balls and pulling his foreskin over the head of his cock and I’m sure you won’t mind letting him do whatever he wants as long as he lets you watch. When he comes up on his knees and starts stroking you can see the precum oozing out.

He starts rubbing his chest and abs and showing off that gorgeous body before turning around to show off one of his best assets. After sharing a little bit of everything with us, he shoots a nice, creamy thick load all over those perfect abs. Dink follows him to the bathroom for one last look at that beefy butt and it’s a wrap.

The second time around Bric gets right down to business as he sits on the couch shirtless playing with his hard cock through his jeans and rubbing his chest. We get a much better look at those gorgeous eyes and things just flow right along.

Bric is getting pretty damn good at this as he teases us and eye-fucks us. He’s more playful and teasing and you can tell he’s getting a lot more comfortable with showing off. Once again that big uncut cock steals the show, but it’s got some serious competition this time around as he uses those eyes to his advantage and shows off more of that pretty butt. This time he’s moving his butt around and showing it off a lot more as he reaches back and spreads his cheeks a little for us. To wrap it up, he stands up. Itís as if you were on your knees right in front of him and splashes his load all over your face.

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