Rex and Ronnie

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Active Duty featured something a little different in their War Chest Update from their buddy Mike of the Covert Missions series. After seeing a double header of their introductory solos, cute brothers Rex and Ronnie are back to go a little bit further- together!

Mike noticed Ronnie when he was hanging around a military base and invited him for a solo. Later at the hotel, Ronnie invited his brother and they both did a solo, but separately. Ronnie is a cute blond with a great attitude and lots of humor. During his solo, Mike sneaks in a hand here and there and at the end he plays with Ronnie’s perfect butthole. His half-brother Rex is a hot dude with a huge fucking dick that’s hard right from the start and just itching to get out his boxers. This cutie pie is a horny little devil with an impish smile. He tells us he got thrown out of the military for too much partying, but that doesn’t stop him from continuing to have a good time.

In this scene, Mike gets the brothers back for round two and this time they’re on the bed together in boxers when the camera comes on, rubbing their cocks and getting comfortable. These two are so cute together. They share the same father and that’s enough to have them sharing some features like the cleft in their chins, their noses and their smiles. Rex doesn’t look nervous at all as Mike keeps pushing the envelope, and he loves showing off his big uncut cock. We get a great show as they stroke and Ronnie plays with his ass, before, to our surprise, Ronnie reaches over and starts to jerk off his brother! After Rex comes in his brother’s hands, he doesn’t return the favor and heads to the showers while Ronnie shoots a huge load of his own. Will Mike be able to convince Rex to finish the job later? We’ll have to stay tuned for the answer.


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