Bric and Kaden

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It’s was a big day at Active Duty as we watch one of their latest, hottest and most popular new recruits cross that final line and as Kaden says, “Go from never to whenever.” And, it just so happens that Kaden was the one to help see this mission through.

We’ve watched gorgeous Bric progress pretty fast on his journey toward today. First we saw him go at it solo in his War Chest debut back on July 27, then we watched in awe as he let loose and gave in to Kai’s great massage and oral skills on July 31 (See Ready Reserves) and the progression continued on August 21 with him and Taylor (See Direct Fire) as Bric gave his first blowjob and these two really got in some hot oral bonding. Then we watched as Thomas returned from a long absence to be greeted by Bric’s big, uncut cock for his second time on bottom in nearly five years and Bric’s first time on top.

Finally, the day has arrived for that final step in the journey, but only the beginning of things to come. Dink wanted this to be special for Bric and for the fans, so he brought in Kaden to do the honors of bringing this recruit along on his final training mission before blast off. What happened was nothing short of magic. I had a hunch that these two would really hit it off and that Kaden’s experience would prove useful in making Bric feel comfortable about giving up his virginity. I think after watching this scene at Active Duty, you’ll agree whole heartedly. A match made in porn heaven!

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