Active Duty War Chest – Tate

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Active Duty introduced one really hot guy in their War Chest that I’m personally just crazy about. Tate is 20-years old, he stands about 6’3″ and weighs about 200 lbs. He’s a corn-fed boy from Nebraska who enjoys playing and watching sports. Not only is Tate extremely masculine and just plain nice to look at, he’s also playful and curious and willing to try new things. He did an ass show that you’ll all really appreciate–I know I did. And, you can tell he genuinely wanted it to be sexy and that he was seriously trying to turn us on. He got my vote! Before the glorious ass show that this stud puts on for us we get to watch him strip out of his clothes and show off. His moves are so sensual and you can tell he’d be a live wire in bed. It’s obvious that he loves the attention he’s getting. By the time he turns around and starts moving that beautiful ass in circles you’ll already be in love. He spreads his cheeks out to give us a very clear and delicious view of that perfect hole before bending over a chair and continuing to work that ass for us. All the while his cock stays rock hard. I can’t watch much more of this and type too so go see it for yourself while I enjoy the rest with my hands free! 

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