Active Duty War Chest – Asher Solo 2

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Active Duty’s War Chest offers a special scene that Dink Flamingo shot kind of spontaneously one day when he caught Asher napping at his place. They had a long night the night before and Asher disappeared in the afternoon to take a shower. After he’d been gone too long for just a shower Dink got curious and thought maybe he’d get lucky and catch Asher jerking off. Well, Dink didn’t catch him jerking off but it took no convincing Asher once he woke up with a hard on. Asher is this blond-haired blue eyed all-American boy next door. He’s a short, compact guy with a gorgeous face, a very nice dick and looks that can make any room he shows up in go quiet and stare. So things kick off with Dink filming him while Asher’s sleeping. Asher discovers his cock is hard and starts rubbing it and playing with it through his tighty-whities. He looks delicious laying there. He’s so handsome that just watching him sleep is an experience. When Asher wakes up, he grabs his glasses and the laptop, finds some good porn, then pulls out that nice hard cock, and slowly starts stroking. He doesn’t seem to mind that Dink is there with the camera, in fact he kind of enjoys the audience. He peels off his undies and gets more comfortable and those beautiful balls are just perfect. The shirt comes off next to reveal that perfect chest and those chiseled abs. He starts rubbing himself all over, as the porn seems to get better. Half way through he shoots an amazing load. One of the hugest gushing cum shots I’ve seen in awhile. Afterwards, we get a very nice shower show as he finally does what he went upstairs to do in the first place. We get to relish every last inch of that perfect body as he washes every crevice. Delicious!

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