Active Duty – Kaden & Max & Bastian

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Active Duty shared TWO scenes with us  in this update, showing the progressing of MMA Max, one of Kaden Saylor’s new recruits. The first introduces the mega-hung Max to the ways of cocksuckery (it’s a word, look it up). Then, in the second scene, Kaden pairs Max up with cutey Bastian and the two not only suck one another but Max also looses his cherry (and they both take turns behind the wheel!).

The first scene starts after Kaden convinced MMA Max to take it one step further and try experimenting with a guy. Hot and sexy Kaden sucks Max’s big ole horse dick. The chemistry between Max and Kaden is absolutely mind-boggling. Kaden lets Max hold the camera while he sucks Max’s dick. Kaden obviously loves slamming his cock down Max’s throat while sucking his dick at the same time in a  69 that will leave you wanting more. This is a scene you don’t want to miss.

The second scene is hotter than Georgia asphalt!The attraction between these two guys is just unreal. Max looks like he is making out with Bastian’s dick! He kisses it and caresses it, like a virgin getting taste of a dick for the very first time. Bastian puts Max on the headboard and just goes to town on Max’s dick. MMA Max gets a little dominant and tosses Bastian onto the bed. They move straight into a 69 and Bastian is ready to have a taste of ass for the very first time. I almost exploded when I saw Bastian licking that ass and slamming his dick into Max’s mouth like a cheap whore. I could tell Bastian was horny and he was liking it! Bastian pulled Max’s dick back and started sucking it, like it was the last piece of candy in the candy store. Oh lord I cannot go on, you might get mad if I ruin the ending, but I will tell you that Max gets deflowered and Bastian takes Max’s huge dick in the ass like a champ!

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