Levi Modesto

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In Spanish his last name means “modest” but take it from us, Levi Modesto is not the least bit modest! This young Californian hunk has a big smile, a sexy bod and 7 1/2 inches of uncut cock. His female fuckmate knows a good thing when she sees it and heads straight for Levi’s dick. She works the head and shaft down her throat, trying to take as much as she can. Levi then gets on all fours on the bed, giving us an awesome view of his ass while he gets his tight hole rimmed. After eating pussy Levi is ready to fuck. He works up quite a sweat as he changes positions. It’s super hot to see his butt and stomach muscles flex with each pelvic thrust. When it’s time to cum, our camera moves in tight just as Levi drops his load.

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