Southern Strokes: Zack

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Southern Strokes: Zack

SOUTHERN STROKES says about Zack,

Zack caused quite a stir at Southern Strokes. My first conversation with Zack took place over the telephone and I didn’t believe that it was real. I figured either he had partied real hard the night before or he was just fucking with me.

Southern Strokes: Zack

I met Zack in the parking lot of a mall in North Georgia and he stepped out of his truck with shaggy curly hair, wearing nerdy glasses and looking flawless in a pair of dirty jeans and a tight t-shirt.

Southern Strokes: Zack

I couldn’t get Zack up to the lake house fast enough. I wanted to see him naked and I wanted to see that uncut cock of his. The next day Zack showed up at the lake house on time and ready to go. He talked with us for a minute before he took off his shirt revealing his defined abs and chest.

Southern Strokes: Zack

Zack pulled out his big uncut cock and started stroking it. His balls were so full their were hanging a good 2 inches below his swollen taint. Zack got his cock nice and hard and then he got up on his knees and let us see is tight pink baloon knot. Zack worked his cock with his left hand, fisting it as he work his load up his throbbing shaft. Without warning, Zack shot a rocket of thick country boy cum all over his tanned chest and abs.

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6 Responses to "Southern Strokes: Zack"
  1. John B. says:

    why no free preview??? 🙁

  2. Sam says:

    I like how he suddenly looks like a dork with those glasses on. 🙂

  3. HunkyVince says:

    Get outta here dorks aren’t allowed.

  4. Xtian says:

    Not really into him. :/

  5. HiImMike says:

    Boring in so many levels.

  6. Robert says:

    Hi..Me dear,You are so sex.
    please When You través here to New York.
    BB please contacto to me.
    I dream with you.

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