Southern Strokes: Ryder

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Southern Strokes Ryder

Ryder is 23 years old with a nice lean build. He is 5’11” tall and weighs 160 pounds with a naturally smooth body. Ryder has and nice six pack and a great cut cock.

I am not one that enjoys going out much so it was a rare occasion that my friends persuaded me to meet them for a drink at a local bar. As soon as we sat down at the bar and the bartender came by, I knew that I wanted to see Ryder without his clothes on. Fortunately for me, Ryder was a talkative guy and he made it easy for me to ask.

Ryder has been in Atlanta for about two year after leaving Las Vegas. He said that the thing he loves most about bartending is the amount of ass that he gets. He gets hit on every day by both men and women. With that kind of action, our boy Ryder must be pretty horny. When Ryder turns on his charm, the only thing you can think about is seeing him naked and hard.

Southern Strokes Ryder

Ryder didn’t waste any time getting down to business. Ryder took off his clothes and pulled on his semi-hard cock as he explored his tight body. Ryder took his long lean fingers and teased his hot tight fuck hole. Ryder laid back on the couch and stroked his cock as he tweaked his nipples.

Ryder flexed his tight abs as he stroked his hard cock rougher and rougher. Listening to Ryder moan louder and louder as he worked his manhood closer to eruption, got the entire crew turned on. Ryder let himself go as he tilted his head back and let his body shake with pleasure. Ryder spilled a puddle of thick white cum all over his tight ripped abs.

Southern Strokes Ryder

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