Southern Strokes: Ethan and Johnny

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Southern Strokes Ethan Johnny

This film is the result of what happens when you put a bunch of guys together for a weekend in the Texas heat. Johnny has proven to be the nastiest of the bunch when it comes to how they like their sex. I can’t tell you exactly what it is but there is something about this boy Johnny that oozes sex. He is as sexy as any model to come through Southern Strokes.
Johnny was telling us all weekend about how he wanted to be tied up and have totally anonymous sex with a stranger. As luck would have it, we had another guy flying in that day and Johnny didn’t know about it. This made it easy to set the stage to have Johnny’s fantasy come true.

Southern Strokes Ethan Johnny

Johnny was a little leery at first but he came around pretty quick. He just like most of the guys hangs around practically naked all day so we didn’t really have to get him out of any clothes. As soon as we grabbed him, we blindfolded him and told him that he need to let himself enjoy this and that he did. Fuck it was so hot watching Johnny tied naked to the posts with his legs spread apart revealing the sweetest ass ever to be found.

Ethan came in and started to tease Johnny. You could tell that Johnny couldn’t figure out which of his housemates it was fucking with him. Fucking with him is exactly what Ethan did. First he teased Johnny’s mouth with his hard cock and then Ethan fingered Johnny’s exposed pink hole getting it nice and wet. Ethan fucked Johnny hard and deep slapping his ass until it was crimson red. Johnny loved every inch of Ethan’s hard cock. Ethan finally pulled out after fucking Johnny for a good while and sprayed thick white man juice all over Johnny’s back.

Southern Strokes Ethan Johnny

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