Southern Strokes: Ean Cameron

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Southern Strokes: Ean Cameron

SOUTHERN STROKES says about Ean and Cameron,

I couldn’t wait to watch this pairing in action. I love watching a big hot dark stud fuck a thinner, light skinned boy. After watching Cameron in action with Carson, I knew that he was going to be able to bring out the dominant animal in Ean. Once again, Ean just completely blew my mind with his performance.

Southern Strokes: Ean Cameron

Cameron is just this completely sexual guy with a hot body but a hotter attitude. I wish I could make every one of our models fuck Cameron because they would really know what it is like to get into sex while being watched. Cameron had Ean worked up before we even turned on the cameras. These two were genially into each other as if you can’t tell.

Southern Strokes: Ean Cameron

Cameron took control as expected and he attached Ean’s cock like it was a good humor bar. Just take a look at the gleam in his eyes as Ean’s cock grows bigger and bigger. After teasing Cameron’s hole with his cock, Ean put Cameron on top and eased him down onto his throbbing tool. Cameron was just getting started as he rode Ean’s cock deep from the onset.

Southern Strokes: Ean Cameron

One of the hottest scenes finds Cameron on his back with Ean manhandling his legs and thrusting his cock in deep as Cameron asked to be fucked harder and harder. ‘Cum on and give it to me’. Fuck this is some amazing sex. The both shoot creamy white loads of thick cum that is just too tempting for Cameron to resist.

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