Southern Strokes: Ean

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Southern Strokes: Ean



Ean is a 22 year old Southern Boy with a tall lean build. He is 6’2″ tall with a nice set of

pecs and a six-pack. Ean has a beautiful 8 inch uncut cock.

Southern Strokes: Ean

This wasn’t Ean’s first time making the trip in for a shoot. I first met Ean a few months ago

while I was traveling through the South. I thought Ean was really hot when I first met him but he was

really shy. He showed up to do a shoot and he just wasn’t ready. Ean just didn’t think that he was quite

up to par so he decided that he would have to think about it a little more.

Southern Strokes: Ean

I was actually a little surprised when I heard from Ean. He said that he had been working out

quite a bit and he was really ready to do a shoot. Of course I am never one to turn down an opportunity

to film a hot big guy especially one that is packing a big 8 inch uncut piece of meat. Ean was right! He

was definitely ready to go when he showed up this time.

Southern Strokes: Ean

Ean is a big boy at 6’2″ tall and he has an awesome set of pecs leading down to a brand new

six-pack and drop your eyes just a little further and you will feast on a huge 8 inch uncut cock. Ean was

really shy before the shoot began so I was actually a little worried that he wouldn’t be able to pull one

out. Something happened when the cameras turned on and our big piece of Southern meat turned into a


Southern Strokes: Ean

Ean stripped off his clothes revealing his new found body. He started working his big uncut

cock until you could hear his balls slapping against his ass as he worked his shaft up and down. Ean

milked his cock for everything he could get and the payday was huge. Ean unloaded a pool of thick creamy

white cum all over his flat stomach. I need to see Ean FUCK!

*Video:southern strokes: ean

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