Sal Fucks Ricky

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It had to be the hottest day of the summer when we decided to venture back outside and explore another part of the property. Once again our horny boy Sal was hot and ready to go. There is something about the heat that turns him on. They say that in order to be a good top, you need to be a good bottom first. Well our boy Sal decided to prove that to me out in the grass.
I really thought that I was going outside to watch Ricky fuck Sal but that wasn’t exactly how it happened. At some point early on in the outdoor romp, Sal got fired up and he took control. I think that it surprised Ricky as much as it did the rest of us. Trust me we weren’t complaing; who doesn’t wan’t to see that think ass of Ricky’s get stuffed?
They both shedded their clothes quickly and started sucking each other off. They both have nice big cocks but Ricky is definitely bigger than Sals. Sal then put Ricky on all fours like a dog and started fucking the moaning Ricky slow and deep. Ricky was moaning with the rythem of Sal’s hips slapping Ricky’s meaty ass. Ricky seemed to struggle with in for a couple of minutes but he let loose and started enjoying Sal’s hard cock.
Sal turned it up a couple of notches and started to fuck Ricky fast and hard. Ricky was loving being dominated by Sal and he took it like this wasn’t his first rodeo. Sal seemed to fuck harder and harder with every change in position. He finally started humping Ricky so that he could make sure that Ricky was taking every inch. Sal then unloaded one of the hottest cum shots I’ve seen as he sprayed Ricky’s back.

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