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Jay had joined us for our little weekend getaway to help out as a production assistant. He is the one that take care of everyone in the house and making sure we are all fed. Jay plays a much bigger role than that though. He always eggs the boys on the push their boundaries and he always has a handy-cam in hand.
Jay was playing with the guys and the tables suddenly turned the attention on him. All the boys had been wanting to see more from Jay so they weren’t about to accept no as an answer. Jay finally agreed to give the rest of us a little show so we all followed him outside. Jay is a tall 21 year old soccer player originally from California. He is 6’4” tall with a hot toned athletic body and a hot hard 7 ½ inch cock. Jay has an attitude to match his size. He isn’t afraid to stir it up with anyone and he can egg you on like nobody’s business.
Jay stripped off his clothes and started to explore his body with hands until they reached his hard cock. Jay continued to explore his torso as he stroked his fat 7 ½ in cock. Jay not only has an amazing cock, this tall soccer player has a hot tight pink hole. Jay had himself so worked up that he shot a huge load of thick white cum that landed near his neck

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