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Horny Cowboys

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Whats that saying ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’ well at the dirty shades saloon, the boys do just that. After getting to know each other Bobby and Ken head out back, they start to suck each others cocks, then Bobby buries his face in Kens arse lubing it up for his cock. Ken takes every inch of his cock Continue Reading...
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Most Valuable Player

0 Posted in Kinky stuff, Sexy Gaymes on Tue, 11 September 2012 Tagged
Coach needs 100% out of all his boys, and he offers his ass up as a reward to the most valuable player – but the boys have their hands far too full playing with each other to worry about coach. Ben takes one of his team mates in the locker room for a round of ball play that leaves them Continue Reading...
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Players Benched

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This is not your traditional ball game. When these benched players are left alone in the locker room, they pass the time sucking on each other’s bats and then engaging in some hard fucking on the benches with their team caps still on....
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Hit the Showers

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Hit the showers with these two stunning jocks – one furry and one more smooth – as they get wet to make you wet. The suck each other off under the shower before our hairy hottie finger’s his buddy’s hole, preparing it for a cock pounding....
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Staff Room

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Who knew this kind of hot action was going on in the staffrooms of high schools and colleges while everyone had their nose in books. Check out this naughty muscle duo going for extra credit in the confines of the office....
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