Sean Cody: What’s Jax’s secret? …

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What’s Jax’s secret? 🤫

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20 Responses to "Sean Cody: What’s Jax’s secret? …"
  1. whistleboi25 says:


  2. tylercook4 says:

    That he’s really a bottom.

  3. ilovetotakenaps says:

    He’s gay 4 💵

  4. man.of.metropolis says:

    That we’ve been married for six years.

  5. tylercook4 says:

    That he’s really a bottom.

  6. rickymoscew says:

    Haha.. It would be amazing if he is a top

  7. thodoris_gkon says:

    Can you pair him with Jack please?

  8. jonathangoldman says:

    He’s a bossy bottom

  9. says:

    Sexy AF 🔥

  10. zany513 says:

    Hes a Virgin?

  11. aurelia89998 says:

    Jax with jeb, or jax with shaw.. it will be awesome🔥

  12. glamourattack says:

    Big 🍆!?

  13. ozofagrabah says:

    That he also likes to bottom lol

  14. yobbenami says:

    Is it a big secret?

  15. acasias48 says:


  16. marco_gondim says:

    That he loves to be rimmed?

  17. jcv300071 says:

    Him and archie please

  18. pinelaw says:

    His secret is that he’s bottoming for Daniel!

  19. jimsteele2012 says:

    He and Landon will take turns!

  20. sandy_laode says:

    his secret bisexual

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