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Now, we’re not ones to talk trash about people behind their backs- BUT. WHAT A PUNK!

Well, not really. You see, Lucius Blaque was a bit of a rough neck back in his formative years. In and out of reform school for a couple of years. He was drawn in by the wrong crowd, and once he was on the other side, he found it hard to get back out.

Thankfully, Lucius got his act together and discovered bodybuilding. Working hard, he’s near perfected his body to a beautiful state. With chiseled biceps and a beautiful, round bubble butt crying out to be admired, this is one street tough you won’t mind running into in a dark ally.

But be warned, we’ve been told that Mr. Blaque has quit the forked tongue and is very charming and persuasive. He just might get you to join up with his gang. 😉

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