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Everyone thinks it’s so easy being a hulking Muscle Man. But imagine you’re trying to get some exercise in the great outdoors when suddenly some young dude is spying on you from a distance. You know he’s there. Watching your every move. His eyes gliding up and down your body. You can only imagine what he must be thinking. What he must want from you.

John Spinelli has just such an issue when Gustavo Levu catches a well built Spinelli out and about in the woods. John can only please his fan. So he begins to put on a pose show and flexes for Gustavo.Too bad poor Gustavo won’t get to see the real show that John puts on just for you.

Bad boy John Spenilli makes his BIG return to PowerMen and this time he’s cleaned up his act and bulked up a lot. No longer a bad boy, but a built man!

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