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We found Billy Blaze in the most unlikely of places. During the intermission at the Opera, we found this Argentinian native, glazed eyed and sipping a glass of Champagne. Bulging out of his suit, hugging every curve and bulge of his upper and lower body, was all we needed to see.

We made a B-line for him and as it turned out, he was dragged to the Opera that night by his girlfriend and her brother. Looking for any excuse to talk about something other than Opera, we we’re able to coax this behemoth into flying away with us and posing for the sight! You’re welcome. 😉

We thought for sure Billy would be a shy guy, but as it turned out, once that Camera was on. Once he felt the hot lights on his ripped body, he instinctively knew just what to do.

I bet you’re more than happy to check out Billy’s goods.

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