Show Me Your Junk

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Donny is a shy dude with hope of getting laid in Miami. Jordan is a dude who likes it when dudes grab his junk. Neither one of them have ever done anything remotely sexual in public, but today is their day! Joey has a way of convincing these kids to to the most outlandish things in public. It’s called cold hard cash! Jordan just so happened to be walking back for having a bite to eat unaware he would be eating some cock in a junk yard of all places. For a couple hundred buck Jordan agrees to suck Donny’s cock. They head behind some local businesses and find them selves in a junk yard. Jordan pulls Donny’s pants down to his ankles and begins to work on it. After both guys get all hot and bothered it seemed easier to ask if they would be down to fuck. Jordan hesitates for a minute due to Donny’s large sized dick, but where there’s money there’s a way. Would you believe these freaky boys got it on right next to some guy working in the junk yard? It’s nerve wrecking just to watch it, but it must of felt exhilarating for the guys. They fuck like junkyard dogs in heat for a while when the same guy, oblivious the whole time until that very moment, caught a glimpse of what was really going down. The man kicks them out screaming obscenities in Spanish. This was fun to say the least.

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