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When Tristan comes in to town to meet up with Joey they have a tradition of recording the visit on video. They like to cruise South Beach looking for cute boys or go to parties and have a great time. This visit the weather wasn’t as great as they expected, but they don’t let a little rain stop them from hitting up the beach for a little ocean breeze. Once they get to the beach Tristan spots a cute boy sitting on the sand all alone and decides to talk to him. His name is Hunter and they hit it off. The problem was that Tristan was way too dressed to be on the beach so Joey convinces Tristan that a pair of shorts would be better than jeans and a long sleeve dress shirt. Hunter agrees with Joey and so they invite Hunter along. Once they get to the store they start to look around and you can immediately tell they dig each other. Tristan is quite the forward and daring guy so he invites Hunter in to the dressing room with him to help out with the fit if you catch my drift. What’s better than a fuck with a brand new boy in the middle of a crowded store? Nothing!

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