Lars and Jason

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Jason and Lars are “kind-of” boyfriends. Lars lives in NYC but is from Germany as his sexy accent gives away. Jason is from Florida originally and is the product of an all-boys Catholic school. They had both done a little porn before but not together and the chance to do it together is what prompted them to apply. They’re both versatile but Lars was in the mood to top and Jason was in the mood to get the shit fucked out of him. Being boyfriends they know what turns the other on and after a pretty thorough nipple sucking session Jason is revved up for more. The sex is really hot, totally natural, and both guys are completely into each other. Collin said it was one of the easiest scenes he’d ever filmed: he just flipped on the camera and these men took charge. They’ve got some hot bodies on them too, which wasn’t bad to look at!

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