Next Door Buddies: Brody Wilder, Tyler Torro (The Whole In The Wall)

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Next Door Buddies – The Whole In The Wall

Brody Wilder is lurking in the men’s room, waiting in the stall, just stroking with his dick out in the hopes that a hot guy will come through the door soon enough. His patient plan is rewarded when Tyler Torro enters to take a leak. Hearing the noise coming from the stall, Tyler takes a peek through the glory hole and when he sees that it is Brody inside making all the noise, his dick gets rock hard. Brody also steals a look a Tyler, and the thought of Tyler watching him makes Brody even more horny, so he reaches through the glory hole and begins to stroke Tyler’s dick through the wall. Tyler can only take so much of this before he has to come around and put a face to the hand, as it were, so the two of them hunker down in the stall where Brody takes Tyler’s thick shaft all the way down his waiting throat. This is just teasing Tyler though, for now what he wants is pound Brody’s sweet ass, which Brody is more than willing to accommodate, so Tyler pumps Brody against the stall and then Brody rides Tyler’s cock until he cums all over his own chest with Tyler still inside him. Feeling this throbbing contraction, Tyler is then ready to explode himself, doing so all over Brody’s waiting face.


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3 Responses to "Next Door Buddies: Brody Wilder, Tyler Torro (The Whole In The Wall)"
  1. Damon says:

    This is pretty awesome as well.

  2. OtakuMonster says:

    i wish the top will fuck me too… hopeful young tran here.,.. hehe

  3. Eric says:

    dammit tyler torro stop looking at me like that i am melting!!!!!!!!

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