New York Straight Men: Blowing Billy

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New York Straight Men Billy

Meet Billy! He hails from Upstate but has lived in the East Village for that last couple of years. He is a hot, beefy guy who is covered in a thick pelt of fur!

Billy is into “free love”… sort of like Haight Ashbury back in the ’60’s. He lives with two women and is the father of two little kids! Their household is a little bit of San Francisco nestled in the East Village.

Both of his ‘wives” knew what he was up to the day we filmed and he was looking forward to showing them the finished product.

Although Billy has much experience with women, when it comes to men he felt he was a little lacking. We felt that he came to the right place to help him begin to broaden his horizons.

New York Straight Men Billy

Billy was really horny and wanted to start off with an expert blowjob. That is exactly what he got. Lucas swallowed Billy’s entire cock right down, sucking and slurping. He then began to fuck Lucas’ face and Lucas took it like a

trooper. He relaxed his gag reflex so Billy was able to pound that mouth and throat like it was a pussy! In the end Billy dumped a nice load of baby batter all over!

We are looking forward to Billy’s return and see where we can take him next!

New York Straight Men Billy

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