Naked Frat House: Triston Live

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Triston joins the frat house to show his stuff.

He is a sexy Latino, a total exhibitionist, and one uncut hot piece of college cutie ass. He is already well acquainted with some of the the other bros, who told him to give a show a try. Triston is a little nervous, but his huge uncircumcised dick sure is not! He settles in and gets very chatty very quickly. He makes some fast friends with some viewers and is very, very eager to please. After a couple of beers and a few more friends join to watch him, Triston goes all out, showing his ass, giving up some armpit shots, and busts out a huge dildo for a little bit of teasing. The more the clothes come off, the more feisty our sexy Latino becomes. He breaks a light sweat that makes his tought six pack shine, small drops start to form on his pecs and trickle down his sexy half sleeve tattoo. He gets up on his knees and strokes hard and fast, only pausing to pull his foreskin up and over the sensitive pink tip of his dick. He calls out for everyone to watch him cum, moaning and panting as his balls tighten up ready to explode.

He launches thick and creamy pearls all over his tight and tanned stomach and chest. Spicy Latin cum mingling with his happy trail and precious smattering of chest hair. With a sigh of relief and a giggle about just missing his own face, Triston is one much more relaxed and relieved bro.

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