Mediterranean Tag Team

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Collin O’Neal, from World of Men, pairs up with tall, hung and tattooed Dakota Rivers in order to tag team Bijan, a Mediterranean fuck boy with a hot, eager hole. Between hot and handsome Collin and the sculpted and toned Dakota, Bijan never stood a chance. He has one of the smoothest, prettiest holes, which Collin and Dakota explore before force feeding their cocks down Bijan’s throat. The two make mincemeat out of Bijan as they take turns fucking his face and penetrating his dark and lovely butthole with their tongues, fingers, and then their cocks. Soon, Bijan is sitting and riding both Collin’s and Dakota’s oversized dicks at once. Bijan, who had never experienced a double penetration was so aroused by having both cocks inside him that he spurts his load, quickly followed by the other two.

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Mediterranean Tag Team

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