Muscle Hunks videos | Orso, Pablo & Augusto

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Remember those butt-swinging penthouse muscleboyz from Muscle Eden 5? Well, they’re back, and randy Augusto Elia and buttmeister Pablo Blades still love to mix it up with hot huge hung short competitor Orso Orfeo, he of the massive glutes and pendulous schlong. This time they’re back on that certain notorious bodybuilder-resort Isle off the coast, and Orso thinks he’s just out for a quiet afternoon dip in the pond. Not so fast: Augusto has play on his mind, and, up on his balcony, a bored Pablo is suddenly interested in the developing drama. It turns into a flexing and posing free for all, with some major wrestling action and the circle jerk you love to see! Oh, those muscle boys…..

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