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Yet another MH delectable huge musclepuppy is the chiseled Ko Ryu. 18 months ago, he was working like an “ape” in a “famous” Pachinko parlor in Shinjuku. But once we set our eyes on this raven-haired boy with the hard body, thick powerful legs, smooth round bubble butt begging to be caressed – we knew we had to have him. And that was before we saw what was hanging between his muscular thighs (careful though, you might chip a tooth on that thing – but sometimes a little pain is worth it…..this is soooo one of those times) We’ve added some all-new images of the succulent, tasty young Ko. Go get the lube, and have a pleasant evening! Good Boy, Ko! And wait until you see Ko’s latest energetic offering! WOW-EE!!

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