What was the moment you DEFINITELY knew you were gay? …

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What was the moment you DEFINITELY knew you were gay? 🤓🏳️‍🌈

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24 Responses to " What was the moment you DEFINITELY knew you were gay? …"
  1. time310 says:

    Watching saved by the bell as a kid. Had a big crush on Zack Morris

  2. eom_michael says:

    Christina Aguilera/ Beautiful

  3. lupin_the_blerd says:

    The first time I saw Trunks on dbz lol

  4. isaj90 says:

    Jason, Red Power Ranger.

  5. nicoantonio_vb says:

    When I saw that man! 🤤❤️ @paddyobrianxxx

  6. ford.eris99 says:

    Watching some Markiplier video and thinking “wow he’s hot…ah shit”

  7. theophilusafrane770 says:

    I am gay. I knew it when I kissed a guy

  8. theoneandonlypp18 says:

    I stared at the male underwear models for a long time when I was in grade school😍😍

  9. aman.essen says:

    Was playing a game in kindergarten with this boy and I was like “damn he is so cute I have to win this game”. My prise and punishment for him because I won the game i demanded a kiss🤣 💁🏼‍♂️

  10. callkitty says:

    Mmm i am a gay man screaming to get out of the woman’s body…hehe mmm

  11. wholesomegayboy says:

    I believe it was the usual: Loving seeing underwear packages because of the models on them and just staring and blushing hard 😳 also, watching any kinda movie and getting all excited to see a guy take off clothes and hoping they would show more and more skin. Also, just looking at the dick when finding straight porn just that one time when my dad didn’t delete the browser history, and then immediately and entirely switching to Gay porn 😳 and many other things

  12. ibacious says:

    Dicks sporting goods some like 6’8 dude

  13. wintourfrost2125 says:

    When I would look at my brother’s Penthouse magazines and look at the men in the photo layouts instead of the women.

  14. grantxchris says:

    Just whenever I’d hang around a guy I just felt full and happy

  15. tomnot_jerry says:

    go across the men underwear ad in mall

  16. al3jandr0_g0m3z says:

    When I accidentally walked into a gay bar

  17. michaelrobin99 says:

    From a gay fan art

  18. jamisymonssalon says:

    @michelled148 lol

  19. jamisymonssalon says:

    @michelled148 lol

  20. jhonathaneduardo23 says:

    My dog ​​asked link 😂

  21. krish.malhotra11 says:

    Brad Pitt I just love to see his body when I was 21

  22. krish.malhotra11 says:

    Mostly when I met my African gym trainer with whom I lost my virginity

  23. sorrelloriginals says:

    The Charles Atlas bodybuilding ads in the back of comic books fascinated me… Age 10 maybe?

  24. whatsonot667788 says:

    Since middle school I wouldn’t trade it for anything.Nothing like being up under a fine man that knows how to treat me.

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