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  3. chris_k_lule says:

    Well said πŸ‘πŸΎ let’s see the future

  4. mustafa25aliraqi says:


  5. beaux_banks says:

    Thank you ❀️

  6. toimoilui says:

    Its a start but its not enough

  7. jar0.m1r says:


  8. jesus_araujooo says:

    hope to see actually more diversity in your casting…and initiatives too.

  9. alanthemello says:


  10. _boyzdontcry says:

    maybe you should actually cast diverse people then

  11. mitografia says:

    Diversity is not shown in your roster of models. Bye! πŸ‘‹

  12. edd_gosbender says:

    that’s great, but also opening castings to diversity without encouraging fetishism out of PoC people would be awesome as well

  13. brad_c2012 says:

    I freaking love this

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  17. inspired9340 says:

    Im gay. Im from the uk. I am mixed asian and latin background. I was outed at work by a jealous female. It caused so much hatred towards me. Men stopped talking to me and did not even want to shake my hand. I then met a guy at work who actually wanted to dare me but people at work got involved and ruined it. Alot of people say to me that i should work in porn. But an average guy like myself woukd not stand a chance. how about you also have a section on your website that councils MEN that go through tough times because of their sexuality. rainbow, asisn, hispanic, black, white, whatever, shouldnt it be about being together. Why not show a white guy fukin a black guys pink hole. Or how about a decent good looking guy with a scar maybe in a pirn scene. Show diverse and maybe actuslly show that you care. What about the uk. We also have so many diverse cultures. Maybe interview some porn stars who actually care about people and ket them show it. Push the boundries go on do it. Its not just about porn. Racism really affects people. I believe in god too. But im still gay. And my skin is still the colour mocha. Maybe you could interview me.

  18. chef_swade says:

    I agree with many of the other comments. Not only does your sight lack diversity but you also employ models that have made racial remarks about ppl of color. Don’t post a message and act like you really believe in what it’s saying. Just like they rest of the country @themenaccount you need to make a change. This statement is words and words alone and if you haven’t noticed, we’re about action. #blacklivesmatter #dobetter

  19. victorfs85 says:

    Why are you still employing known racist Paul Canon? People have been asking you for a week and yet all we hear are crickets.

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