Fade to Max….

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Posted by Fratmen Max. Unload your jizz with me over at the fratpad or watch my videos at fratmen.tv!

It’s hard to believe I’ve only known you less than a year. I first met you when you came back last December before Payne left. Hunn-nnny, I was scurrrrred. LOL Honestly, Miss Thing, I did not know what to make of you. I believe it was a show featuring a wig, a plunger and a ping pong ball where I first realized — This boy is SPECIAL… like Short-bus Special lol.

Like many members, I have made a weekly ritual of checking the schedule on Sunday, figuring out which days I was gonna be a zomboid at work cuz I be watching you sing/poop/fart/take-ur-pick your heart out on late nite cam. I’d arrange my week based on the schedule — what days I’d go to the gym, what days I’d rush home. Saturdays, I’d RUSSSH through errands so I could get home in time to watch you. I’d consider calling-in sick to watch a weekday morning shift. If bosses would try to get me to stay at work late, I’d bite their heads off — “Don’t you know Ima miss Max pound tilapia filets?!? Back off bitches!” lol. Basically, I had a sickness called Max. And Gurrrrllll, I had it BAD LOL.

I am going to miss you like crazy, but I am comforted knowing that you are doing something in a field you love. Whatever the ups and downs of the job may be, you are heading in the right direction career-wise and I’m proud of you that you are taking this step. MAAAANY people want to achieve a goal and just sit there. Not you! You are effing plunging in. This is an inspiration for anyone.

I’m glad I got to get to know the members. Let’s face it… Max fans are the best. I mean nobody says it, but it’s true. I consider many members my friends. I’m glad I got to meet all of them and we have you to thank for bringing us together.

I’ll miss you Sistah Frien’. Now, go and make that Job Ur Bitch, Dirty MothahFoccckaaah

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