A heartfelt thank you to Max…

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Posted by Fratmen Max. Unload your jizz with me over at the fratpad or watch my videos at fratmen.tv!

Max ,

I don’t know were to begin. After two years of invasive treatments, massive blood loss, blood transfusions, and more meds than I care to remember, I decided to stop it all due to no significant quantifiable improvement to my health. I then began to get certain aspects of my life in order, in other words I was preparing to die. Somewhere along the way, without realizing, I forgot to live. I merely went through the motions of daily life with no smile, no laughter, and no tears. I was without emotion. I joined Fratpad and childishly refused to click on your cam. For some reason, I had you pegged as a prick (I told you this on our first private if you remember). When I finally clicked on your cam I thought, this guy is interesting. It wasn’t long until one night I started laughing uncontrollably at something you were doing. I think it involved a composition by Richard Wagner, toilet paper, and taking a poo. Just guessing but it seems logical. Tears poured down my eyes. I gasped for breath. I even snorted. I stopped suddenly and wondered what the hell! I realized that I had not laughed in almost two years. You, without even knowing me at that time, gave me back laughter; in a way, you unknowingly gave me my life back. How does one thank a person for a gift like that? The best I can do is pay it forward and be mindful of my actions and my words. One never knows how the smallest thing, like a laugh, can change someone’s life for the better, including a stranger. Everyone needs to realize that the inverse is also true and avoid it. You will forever be imprinted in my memory and will always have a place in my heart. It was an honor to meet you sir. Each time I laugh will be dedicated to you. I have no doubt that you will do amazing things. You deserve an exceptional life and are on your way to achieving it, no doubt. Can’t wait for updates. Finally, I hope you will go through as many doors as possible. Never accept limits just because someone says so. Never look back in regret or anger. And, always remember to laugh as much as you breathe, and love as long as you live.

Until our next private you turd nugget ….


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