ManAvenue: The Ride

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Man Avenue: The Ride

My car broke down a few weeks ago and a hot little stud, Dante Ferrari, picked me up and took me home.

He said he was fucking horny and I convinced him to show me his cock while we were still in the car. A little bit more coaxing, and before long he was butt-ass naked, stroking his cock in my bedroom.

After awhile, he asked if I wanted to see his ass (duh!) and he proceeded to get up on all fours and expose his tight, lightly furred ass to me…all the while continuing to pull on his hard meat.

I ask him to flex while his dick was hard, so he stood on the bed and gave me exactly what I had in mind when I invited him in.

He stroked his meat to a frenzy, then laid down on the bed and blew cum all over himself.

“Thanks for the ride, Dante!”

Man Avenue: The Ride

Man Avenue: The Ride

Man Avenue: The Ride

Man Avenue: The Ride

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4 Responses to "ManAvenue: The Ride"
  1. HunkyVince says:

    This is too corny for my taste/

  2. HiImMike says:

    Those boxing gloves are stupid.

  3. John B. says:

    i always want to jack off in the car… hehe..

  4. NierDaddy69 says:


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