ManAvenue: Matt

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Man Avenue: Matt

You first spotted him leaving his apartment a few weeks back. His tight body was perfect and his ass was like butter poured into his jeans.

Watch Matt as he hangs out in the pool before getting naked. There is something sexual about the way he lets the water pour over his body. He knows you’re watching but you don’t care.

He dries off and steps inside to take care of some “personal business”. He allows you to get close enough to smell his aroma as he strokes his man-meat.

Standing, he lets you admire his hard dick pointing straight to the ceiling. He doesn’t have to touch it to keep it hard … it just does!

Check out Matt this weekend and get off while he shows you his hot, muscular body.

Enjoy this remastered full episode of “Matt” as we continue to work toward reformatting our previous clip-based videos.

Man Avenue: Matt

Man Avenue: Matt

Man Avenue: Matt

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