ManAvenue: Bachelor

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Man Avenue: Bachelor

Check out this hot and nasty latino, Bachelor, working his hard meat alone in his apartment.

Stripped out of his clothes, this sexy guy lays back on his bed stroking his dick looking at porn. He manages to let go of his cock long enough so you can see it’s length and girth. A very nice one!!!

He gets up, stands in front of the mirror admiring his hard reflection, this walks fully boned up down the hall to the kitchen. He grabs a soda, leans back against the counter sipping his drink …all while his dick stands at full erection with very little attention. Fucking amazing.

Bachelor heads back to the bedroom and gets nasty with his hard dick before blowing a hot load of man goo. Check it out!

At the request of many of you guys, enjoy this remaster of “Bachelor” as we combined the original multi-clip format into one, continuous widescreen video.

Man Avenue: Bachelor

Man Avenue: Bachelor

Man Avenue: Bachelor

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