Secret Fantasies: Topher DiMaggio & Gavin Waters

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Welcome to the third episode of Dominic Ford’s “Secret Fantasies” series. In the 2.5 years Ford has been in business, one question has piqued his interest. To ‘warm themselves up’ before a shoot, most models close their eyes and fantasize about whatever gets themselves hard and in the mood. Ford has always wondered what these guys are fantasizing about. Their “Secret Fantasies” series answers that question. Ford asked his models what they are fantasizing about, and then filmed it. The series is a real insider’s look at what makes these models tick. This week has two of the hottest guys in the industry: Gavin Waters and Topher DiMaggio. Topher won Ford’s ground-breaking reality show, “So You Think You Can Fuck.” In this scene, he reveals his hidden fantasy: that a door-to-door Mormon missionary comes calling for some extra curricular activities. Topher and Gavin BOTH said that the other was the hottest guy they’ve ever been paired with!! Check out the preview to hear the fantasy, then watch the movie to see it played out. Plus, submit YOUR secret fantasy by clicking here. If Ford chooses your fantasy to film, you’ll get a free membership to!

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