Richie Serrato

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Richie Serrato is one of those guys who takes charge of every situation. When you first see him you'll notice these intense eyes, handsome face and just a hint of a sexual heat that will leave you wanting to explore all he has to offer. When he walks into the gym every gay guy there just drools over how hot he is, and some of the straight ones too. He strips down and shows off his smooth college muscle and when he starts pumping iron his biceps bulge under the strain and he gets this light sheen of sweat over his skin that makes him all the more sexy. I can just picture him in a really wild gay jock porn with all these guys in sports gear banging his sweet ass in a locker room. But for now I wanted to capture his first solo on Randy Blue so you can take some time and let your eyes roam over every inch of his amazing body. He works a dumbbell like he strokes his big thick cock, with total concentration and maximum effort. I swear he gets half his arm muscles from jerking off. And he must be a fan of the squats to give him such delicious bubble butt.
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