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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardXander, Xander, Xander……Oh how we all love you. I won’t lie to you but I get a huge kick out of this kid. Ohhh behind that morning talk show weatherman persona he is always thoughtful and kind, but can always pop up with a smart ass comment. No one was meant to be in front of a camera more then Xander. He loves it and his whole personality comes alive when he is in front of an appreciative audience. I knew when the subject of sticking a dildo in the perfect round ass of his came up I knew he would groan and moan. But as luck would have it all I had to do was show him the long line of straight boys that have already done it and he knew if they had done it so could he. Now, I wont lie to you, Xander had to start with some bigger toys, bigger then some of the guys had because I knew part of the fun would be his bitching about it. But, when the time came he launched into it with all of his Game Show Host glee and did an amazing job. Yep he stuck the toys pretty far up there and managed to keep his dick hard thru most of it. When he wasn’t playing with that tight virgin hole of his he was jacking that near perfect dick until he delivered a beautiful pop shot! And as always, he knows how to give a good show even if he loves to be a goofball. I know you love Xander as much as I do and will that toy be replaced some day with some hot hard cock? Only time will tell. But I know I am itching to take him to the next step.

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