Randy Blue: Will & Xander

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardWill Vega just did his first solo video on Randy Blue and was so hot I couldn’t wait to get him going with another model. As luck would have it Xander Scott was in town so I decided to throw together a shoot for the both of them. As much as I prefer keeping a strict shooting schedule, I also love to be spontaneous. And sometimes doing just that can create a really wild energy. While our crew was doing the interview I could tell that Xander was in quite a playful mood and knew once we started this was going to be incredible. Will had really been looking forward to working with Xander so when they got together the sparks just flew. Xander has become a really talented cocksucker and he brought Will to the edge so many time I was afraid he was going to explode. It’s a beautiful thing watching Will get his dick sucked. His eyes close and his face is lost in a sense of euphoria. Xander works those talented lips up and down Will’s shaft, stopping occasionally to work on a particular area, like swirling his tongue around the head or running his lips over a sensitive part, or lightly lapping at his balls. And while Xander is really going at it, will gently runs his hands through Xander’s hair, caressing it as his head bobs up and down. And when both are so horned up beyond belief, Will lets loose with a huge stream of jizz, making a huge mess all over the bed. And Xander is not far behind, letting his cum flow steadily into the mixture on the sheets.

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