Randy Blue: Well Suited

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardMike West has been with us for a while and always does such a great job. We were having a casual conversation and got on the topic of turn-ons. I asked what really tripped his trigger and he admitted that he’s had a major suit fetish for some time. Something about a man in a well tailored, crisp new suit really gets him hot. Even though Leo’s snazzy polyester leisure suit in That 70’s Gay Porn Movie wasn’t the sexiest thing in this day and age, it did add a little something extra for Mike in shooting that scene. So we figured we would do something really special for him. It seems that having a suit fetish feeds into a full on job interview fantasy, so we set up some cameras in our very own board room for the ultimate sexy interview. And in trying to figure out which of our guys would look great in joining Mike all suited up, I decided to engage my love of contrasts and dress up someone you probably would never expect to see wearing a jacket and tie… Benjamin Bradley. I must say, they both look absolutely stunning. And with Benjamin’s incredible body, the suit we got for him fit perfectly. I swear, clothes just love that guy, as much as we all love seeing them off of him. And watching the two of them go at it, with the suits on and then slowly stripping out of them, I can definitely see how someone could develop a fetish for them. Hmmm, maybe it’s time to start hanging around the business district on my lunch breaks.

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