Randy Blue: Victor Verando

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardThere was a time before I started Randy Blue when I was a fan of several gay porn sites. And as much as I liked them I was always disappointed when it seemed like they always had the same kinds of guys. They say that variety is the spice of life and when I’m choosing guys to appear on my site I keep that in mind. When I got an email from Victor Verando I knew right away I wanted him on the site. Everything about him appealed to me. The honey brown skin, the dark delectable nipples, a set of washboard abs that I’d just love to run my fingers up and down and a nice thick cock you’re going to drool over. I look at how the photos came out and can’t wait for you guys to see them. The camera just loves the guy. And when it came time to shoot the video he really got into it. You can tell Victor loves his body and does everything to show it off to you. The way he runs his fingers over his rock hard pecs, then lets it linger on a nipple before lightly tracing the lines of his six pack. And when his biceps and triceps flex as he strokes his meat I can hardly contain myself. He’s just so hot. But he didn’t want to just show off that sexy torso of his, he made it a point to remind me to shoot his ass because he always get so many compliments on it. Rather than direct the action I just let the camera follow the curves of his gorgeous body, down the muscles of his back and around the curvature of his firm round ass. He took over from there, pulling apart his cheeks so you could get a perfect view of his tight little hole. And when he came he shot a stream of the white sticky stuff high up in the air, totally turned on by the idea that he would be getting all of the Randy Blue viewers off.

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