Randy Blue: Tyrese Hunter

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardI’m always impressed with a guy who has a lot of self-confidence. Everyone in LA is so laid back so I get really excited when I meet someone who jumps off the page at me. Tyrese Hunter is exactly that kind of guy. We had talked online about his modeling for me and we made plans to meet at a local eatery. When he walked through the door I could feel electricity in the room. Everyone took notice and I swear I even heard conversations stop. The first thing that hits you is his amazing body. He knows how to dress to show off every inch of it, so you can’t help but get turned on even when he’s fully clothed. He’s got a handsome face that can go from a sweet smile to an ubersexy snarl in seconds flat. And on top of that, he’s got a presence that fills the room. I knew as soon as I saw him walk into the restaurant that he was going to make you guys go nuts. When we started shooting and he stripped down my jaw nearly hit the floor. His body was even more amazing up close and with nothing in the way. And when he dropped his jeans he unleashed a monster of a cock that stood out at attention and demand to be worshiped. Tyrese dances, so aside from being in peak physical condition he also knows how to use his body to drive you wild. When he did the live show he nearly had our host speechless, which is not an easy thing to do. He was very outgoing and sexual and got everyone excited for his first video. When I shot him he decided to try things a little differently. Instead of interacting with an audience like he does while he’s dancing, he turned inwards, giving you a little glimpse into his private world. He worked that huge cock of his, letting his hand roam all over his perfect body, and just allowed himself to feel good. It’s a little voyeuristic, like you’re peeking in on him without him knowing. And when he came he shot loads of the sticky white stuff all over his gorgeous dark skin, making a stunning contrast.

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